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Our Story

Back when the owners of BioMari, sister and brother Triin and Ott were little, they spent their summers at their grandmother and grandfather’s country home. Embraced with the beauties of nature, their childhood taught them to respect and love the purity of nature and appreciate that these values must be looked after TO BE LOOKED AFTER THEMSELVES.

Oddly enough, CURLY STRINGS has made a song that in a way has become an ode to Estonian faraway villages with intact nature and to the people who can and want to cherish it.

The organic products of BioMari OÜ are made amidst beautiful nature where truly apply the lyrics “there are no ATMs, only goutweed everywhere,” whereas the meaning of the real values can only be read between the lines.

BioMari OÜ grows organic berries and crops, as well as spruce, pine, and birch plants. By now, BioMari has started production of delightful juices and jams to provide stores with more great products. Besides berries, each bottle and jar comes with a sweet childhood memory.

Our Team