Organic Blueberry Rasberry Jam

Our organic jams are just like homemade, boiled without a lid and with only unrefined cane sugar added. The jams are packed with berries full of health – 320 g contain 300 g of berries!

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Product Description

ORGANIC BLUEBERRY RASPBERRY JAM, ingredients: *cultivated blueberry, *raspberry, *unrefined cane sugar (*from certified organic agriculture).

Contains 56 g of blueberries, 38 g of raspberries and 40 g of total sugar per 100 g.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

energy 651,6kJ/155,7 kcal; fat 0,5 g of which saturated fat 0,0 g; carbohydrate 38,2 g, of which sugar 35,0 g;  fibre 3,2 g; protein 0,6 g; salt 1,5 mg.